Department of Periodontology

Periodontology is related to the study of tissues and structures present around the tooth. It refers basically to the management / treatment of patients with diseases of the gums and the structure supporting the teeth. Patients are seen for advice, diagnosis and treatment which is provided as per departmental triage and screening services. 

Screening services ensure that the patient spends as little time as possible to confirm about the presence of periodontal diseases and to affirm whether further management is warranted.

The department provides care and treatment for patients accepted with periodontal disorders and those with teeth that are soon to be extracted or have been extracted. There is a strong focus of putting patients at the core of department’s educational activities, such that the disease presentation often forms part of prospective research questions or undergraduate student discussions.  

The department has a strong reputation in regards to recognizing the holistic approach to dental treatment. The patient care is integrated as part of the full treatment plan to ensure uninterrupted care with healthy periodontal support. 

The periodontology department provides consultation and joint multidisciplinary consults :

    Daily oral prophylaxis procedures
    Daily follow-up and recall clinics
    Non-surgical and Surgical Periodontal services 
    Working with Nephrologist/ Urologist for periodontal management of Kidney Transplant patients at RMI
    Executive clinics 6 days a week with senior periodontal consultants


To produce oral health care providers with a holistic dental approach, who can manage patients with periodontal disease and conditions.


-    Undergraduate BDS Periodontal curriculum as per PMDC criteria. 

-    Training of Postgraduate Periodontology trainees of College of Physicians and Surgeons, Pakistan. – (to be started in coming months)

Clinical Faculty

Professor Dr Tariq Ali Khan
BDS (Pak), MClinDent Periodontology (UK)
Head of Department

Dr Ifham Khan Jadoon
BDS (Pak), MCPS Periodontology (Pak)
Assistant Professor

Dr Irfan Salim
BDS (Pak), MCPS Periodontology (Pak)
Senior Registrar

Dr Khaula Gul
BDS (Pak), MCPS Periodontology (Pak)
Senior Registrar


Research for the departmental faculty is aimed at improving diagnosis, treatment and prevention of human periodontal and peri-implant diseases. 


A lot of emphasis at our department is based on preventive measure like Oral hygiene instructions on one to one basis by the periodontal faculty. 

The following and many other facilities currently available are :
1)    Periodontal screening services
2)    Oral hygiene instructions via practical demonstrations
3)    Fluoride application
4)    Scaling and Prophy
5)    Root surface debridement
6)    Open flap debridement
7)    Flap surgeries
8)    Pedicle flaps
9)    Grafting procedures
10)    Periodontal Plastic surgeries
11)    Tooth exposures for orthodontics
12)    Apicoectomies
13)    Dental Implants
14)    Guided bone and tissue regeneration
15)    Exposure of teeth for crowns/ fillings/ braces
16)    Dental Crown Lengthening
17)    Periodontal tooth splinting


Dental Implants
Tooth Exposure for Orthodontics
Crown Lengthening Aesthetic
Gingival Grafting for Coverage

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