Quality Enhancement Cell-RCD


The QEC department is involved in the maintenance, enhancement and assessment of quality in higher education institutions. Its main aim is to ensure that the stake holders i.e. the undergraduate/ postgraduate students, are able to get the best quality in education delivery, which is regularly assessment to enable cumulative progression towards excellence. It is an iterative process that promotes regular feedback in collaboration with the QEC department, therefore leading to implement strategies for correction of any deficiencies at the earliest.  

Functions and Activities

At this moment the QEC is responsible for conducting modular course and faculty evaluation surveys. Along-with this annual faculty satisfaction surveys are conducted.

The QEC’s annual output includes a minimum of 60 student surveys, 30 faculty course proformas, 150-200 periodic reports, 4 quarterly summaries for University and a detailed final annual report, including imparting the help to program team members (PTM) and program team assessment members (PTAM) for finalizing the Self-Assessment report for the session. 

The QEC is also responsible for selection of PTM and PTAM, in collaboration with the Dean and DME (Department of Medical Education). Their role is to work actively to create and assess the SAR for the session respectively.

The department ensures regular update of its activities via a thoroughly maintained webpage.


QEC at Rehman College of Dentistry (RCD) was established in June 2019, with the Head of QEC officially nominated in December 2019. 

At Rehman College of Dentistry, we aspire to be the preeminent school of dentistry in the country and on course to establish a QEC that is in complete compliance with the requirement of the University through innovation, digital transformation, data analytics and extensive report generation. 

QEC Current Faculty

Dr Irfan Salim – Head of QEC, RCD