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In the Physiology Discipline in Rehman collage of dentistry we focus on human physiology. Our undergraduate students learn about every aspect of the human body, from the functions of specific proteins in individual cells, to the function of the different body systems such as the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems. As physiologists, they are trained to understand how the function of all body systems is integrated and regulated in order to maintain optimum function within the whole human body. Our staff recognize the vital importance of laboratory teaching in complementing information communicated in lecture classes. We teach our students how to make accurate physiological measurements, how to generate data, how to analyze those data and how to draw conclusions based on the data. In this way, our students gain a deep knowledge of the subject of physiology
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Academic: You'll be taught by academics who are leaders in their field and are as passionate about your subject as you are. They will challenge you and encourage you to explore, question and deepen your knowledge. This will help you with the latest knowledge and understanding in the subject area.

Dr. Umair Wadood
Assistant professor and Head of Department
Secretory CPD forum
Dr. Saman Tauqir (Demo)

Research is at the heart of your learning and feeds directly into our taught courses. This
means you will benefit from the latest knowledge and thinking in your subject area.
We are among some of the largest research-based institutions in KPK providing a
stimulating and exciting learning environment. Our research expertise means we
deliver teaching that is informed by the latest discoveries, allowing you to deepen your
understanding of your subject area. Extensive research funding means we can invest in
the best facilities and staff, to give you an inspiring learning environment this expertise
feeds into your teaching. This will help you to design your own research and develop
advanced research skills to shape your own research project.


Alongside lectures, seminars and tutorials, you’ll explore your subject through private
study and independent projects, laboratory practical’s or fieldwork, depending in
physiology department. The collage has invested in digital technology to improve and
support students learning experience. Students can use our digitally enhanced teaching
spaces to interact with their lecturers and work with their fellow students.
There is full access to video and audio recordings of some of the lectures to support
your independent learning. You can also study some courses with us through online
and distance learning. Students can check their course information to see if their course
has flexible study options. All our courses offer high standards of teaching and research-driven knowledge. We’re continually investing in the best facilities to support you in your studies, from new laboratories and lecture theatres to our impressive libraries. Rehman collage of dentistry has one of the major academic research libraries in KPK. We are continually adding to its rich and extensive print and online resources, including some of the KPKs most outstanding collections of rare books and manuscripts Our library offers a variety of study environments. Almost 100 plus study spaces are available, from silent individual study to vibrant group work areas. All our libraries have extensive computer facilities and are WIFI enabled. Our expert library staff are here to help you too. They can advise you on searching for information, data management and more. Their workshops, webinars and one-to-one appointments can help you improve your academic skills, such as critical thinking, dissertation writing, digital skills and time management. You’ll be able to access video and audio recordings of many of your lectures through the University’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Through the VLE, you’ll also be able to view announcements, get module information, take part in discussion boards and check your grades