Students Research Forum (SRF)

Students Research Forum (SRF)

The RCD Students Research forum (SRF) will be a student-led platform, functioning under the chairmanship of Dr. Muhammad Irshad, for prospective, current, and past undergraduate researchers to develop necessary skills and implement these skills for research and innovation.


RCD SRF will be working as the platform to groom students as potential researchers by conducting practical research. This student-based research forum will remain linked with other renowned research societies/organizations of different universities/institutes around the country.


The vision of RCD Students Research Forum (SRF) consists of building a dynamic and interactive community consisting of undergraduate students of the college to encourage basic and advanced researches in different fields of Dentistry as well as other related disciplines. It’ll work by providing a supportive and facilitating environment to the undergraduate students of society to promote materials research and innovation. It will help the field of Medical research by disseminating the principles of observational science and ethics and by creating a network of information exchange.


  • Enhancing students understanding of research and its impacts, individually and collectively.
  • SRF will provide an accessible platform that enables students to publish their experiences, views and research findings relating to medical and health professions education.
  • SRF-led workshops on learning methods that assists in developing skills for research working.
  • Seminars for development of motivation for research and innovation activities.
  • Involvement of students in medical science and research management.
  • Annual Undergraduate Research Competition to involve students from various institutes to present and promote Medical Research.
  • Building Researchers Network, Nationally and internationally for students for ease of data collection and team work.
  • Development of students’ interest about critical and proactive thinking and independence in tasks implementation.
  • Mentee and mentorship programs for students’ capacity building.



The Society will consist of a student cabinet under the supervision of a chairman and a focal person both members of the faculty from Research Cell of RCD.



The roles include:

  1. Overall supervision of the society.
  2. Keeping a tab on smooth and hassle-free functioning of the society and being answerable.
  3. Ensuring that the audit of the accounts of society is done on time.
  4. Holding monthly meetings of the society and addressing problems of the members if any.
  5. Ensuring that the meetings take place on the due date and without hurdles.

Focal person:

Their roles will include:

  1. Under the directives of the chairman identifying problems, planning, coordinating and facilitating all project activities and reporting periodically on the progress of the project.
  2. Solving student problems on spot.
  3. The focal person will be the point of contact for the society members incase the chairman is not available


Their roles include:

  1. Communicating with the members of the society for proper coordination.
  2. Knowing the constitution of the society so they are down with the rules and hence assist the members of the society whenever needed.
  3. The President shall be held responsible for decision making along with other members of the society.
  4. Managing the society’s annual meetings and organizing events that take place.


Vice President

Their roles include:

  1. Assisting the president in his/her roles.
  2. Managing the activities of the President incase he/she is unavailable or unable to perform the duty at certain level.


Activities Director

Their roles include:

1. Developing and planning activities

2. Logging activities

3. Maintaining activity schedule for the year


Communication Director:

Their roles include:

                       1. Convey information between cabinet and students

                       2. Maintain a list of essential contacts for the society and disperse information in case of an activity

                       3. Managing media relations

Coordination Director

Their role includes:

  1. Oversee successful completion of projects and events.
  2. Managing coordination among members of society and healthy environment.


2 Representatives from Each Year


Target people: Undergraduate Students at Rehman College of Dentistry


Activities Planned:

Our activities will cover:

Research skills necessary to excel in assessments e.g. literature reviews, AMKs and Special Study Units

Critical appraisal skills

Understanding study types and the hierarchy of evidence

Getting involved in research as students e.g. through hospital teams or writing case studies/ reviews.

We will also be hosting regular journal club meetings, to enable members to effectively critically appraise studies, and presentation workshops, to help build the skills to present posters/ deliver oral presentations at conferences.

1: Conduct Workshops on articles writing

2: Conduct a research conference at Rehman College of Dentistry

3: Introduce the Research Mentor program where a senior student would work with a group of juniors and conduct a research and publish it guiding them each step of the way under the supervision of a selected faculty member

Students who plan on joining the society shall submit their names on a set of forms which will be kept in student affairs section with details of their experience in research if any.

CHAIRPERSON: Dr. Muhammad Irshad

FOCALPERSON: Dr. Gulmeena Masood

PRESIDENT: Spogmay Zafar







1ST YEAR: Gulrukh Bashir, Hamdaan Adil

2nd YEAR: Hamza Khalid, Ayesha Durrani

3rd YEAR: Saad Khan, Ayesha Mohsin