Vision & Mission


Rehman College of Dentistry will be a leader in oral health science education and research for efficient and evidence based oral health care.


To produce knowledgeable, ethical, and competent dental professionals with leadership qualities, who are prepared to meet the oral and dental care needs of the community by providing the best possible evidence based dental services.

The graduate shall be passionate and ethically conscious members of multidisciplinary teams.

Outcomes of the Program

RCD graduate will:

  • Demonstrate the highest professional ethical and legal standards in the delivery of oral healthcare.
  • Foster improvement in oral health through research and use of new advances in health science and technology.
  • Take professional responsibility to the community and profession and try for improvement in oral health through patient and community education.
  • Address and respond to the changing needs of the community using trans-disciplinary approach when necessary.
  • Use information and communication technology in improving practice and oral health programme management.
  • Promote critical thinking, creativity and innovation in dental education.
  • Subscribe to lifelong learning as a professional obligation.