Department Of Oral Medicine

Oral medicine is the specialty of dentistry concerned with the oral health care of patients with chronic, recurrent and medically related disorders of the oral and maxillofacial region, and with their diagnosis and non-surgical management.
Oral medicine acts a focus for specialist interdisciplinary care of patients with symptoms arising from the mouth that do not relate directly to teeth. These symptoms are often chronic and may have a significant psychological, as well as physical impact on the patient’s quality of life. In some instances, symptoms and signs reflect local problems restricted to the mouth. However, symptoms and signs can represent oral manifestations of more widespread disease.
RCD department of Oral medicine aims at providing the best care and treatment to patients with orofacial ailments. We also facilitate students to efficiently diagnose and treat a condition pertaining to orofacial regions such as oral ulcers, oral lesions, facial pains, TMJ disorders, salivary gland disorders and other oral manifestations of systemic diseases.


  • Undergraduate training is offered to third year BDS students Regrading examination and diagnoisis.
  • Undergraduate training is offered regarding treatment planning and referral ethics to final year BDS


Ongoing Research Projects

  • Occurrence of maxillary sinus abnormalities detected by cone beam CT in asymptomatic patients



  • Disposable and sterilized instruments
  • Equipment for oral biopsy
  • Oral swabs
  • Digital Cephalometric and Panoramic Radiography
  • Cone Beam Computed Tomography
  • Digital Periapical Imaging

•    NAME: Dr. Asif Ullah Qureshi
•    QUALIFICATION: FFD- Oral Surgery/Oral Medicine (Royal college of surgeons of Ireland)
                               MFDS (Royal college of surgeons of Edinburgh)
                               MPH (United Kingdom)
                               BDS (Khyber College of Dentistry)                                

•    DEPARTMENT: Oral Medicine

•    DESIGNANTION: Assistant Professor/Head of Department



Pakistan (7713-D)
Saudi Council for health specialties
General Dental council UK



NAME:  Dr. Zainab Akbar

•    QUALIFICATION: FCPS (College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan)
•                                    BDS ( Army Medical College)
•    DEPARTMENT: Oral Medicine
•    DESIGNANTION: Senior Registrar
 1.Gold medal in Pharmacology in 2nd professional BDS exam
2. Gold medal in Oral Anatomy and Tooth Morphology in 2nd professional BDS exam
3. Silver medal in 2nd professional BDS exam
4. Silver medal in final professional BDS exam
5. Distinction in Biochemistry
6. Distinction in Dental Materials
7. Distinction in Prosthodontics in Final Professional exam
8. 2nd position in Pathology
9. Overall, second best graduate of 10th BDS course Army Medical College
•    CONTACT DETAILS: email:
1.    Rapid and innovative technique to treat gummy smile-lip Repositioning (JCPSP Sep 2017-2nd author)
2.    Critical analysis of piezoelectric Surgery with oscillating saw in Bimaxillary Orthognathioc Surgery (JCPSP July 2017-1st author)
3.    Osteoma of mandibular condyle- case report (PODJ Aug 2016-2nd author)
4.    Tongue flap in Oral Submucous Fibrosis: a promising technique (PODJ Dec 2016-1st author)

1. BIOPSIES:  A biopsy consists of the obtainment of tissue from a living organism with the purpose of examining it under the microscope in order to establish a diagnosis based on the sample.

2. ORDERING AND INTERPRETATION OF TESTS: Certain orofacial problems arise due to underlying medical condition or any deficiencies in the body. such patients are referred to carry out investigations such as imaging studies (x-rays, CT scans, MRIs), salivary and blood tests and microbiological investigations. Such investigations are then interpreted to reach a definitive diagnosis.
3. MEDICAL MANAGEMENT: Treating a wide range of conditions with topical and systemic medications.
4. SPECIALIZED INJECTIONS: Injections in the mouth or face for diagnostic purposes, or for administration of medication for pain relief, anesthesia, or inflammation.

•    The faculty is highly progressive and pursuing further degrees like MHPE and CHPE.
•    In order to update knowledge and improve skills, faculty attends courses and workshops.
•    The faculty is highly qualified for their due jobs.

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