Rehman College of Dentistry Research Cell

In line with the vision of the institute, RCD-Research Cell is formed by the principal-RCD. Its primary goal and function is facilitation and streamlining the research activities in RCD and formulating policy on all research related matters which impact on the strategic objectives of the college. In addition, the RCD Research Cell, will review and oversee the implementation of College’s policy on research ethics. The RCD research cell also functions as secretariat for the Journal of Rehman College of Dentistry (JRCD) and it is chaired by the Principal RCD while Dr. Muhammad Irshad is appointed as the secretary of RCD-research cell. The RCD-research cell is composed of the following sub-committees:
1.    Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC)
2.    Ethical Committee (EC)
3.    Undergraduate Research Committee (URC) 
4.    JRCD Committee (JRCDC)

The research committee is composed of the following members;

1.    Prof. Dr. Ghulam Rasool (Chairman)
2.     Dr. Muhammad Irshad (Secretary)
3.    Prof. Dr. Sami Salleh Khan (Member)
4.    Prof. Dr. Sohrab Shaheed (Member)
5.    Dr. Asif Ullah Qureshi (Member)
6.    Dr. Shafqat Hussain (Member)
7.    Dr. Sajid Ali (Member)
8.    Dr. Ahsan Ali (Member)

Functions of Research Cell

The RCD-research cell actively facilitates the following areas:

    I.  Developing a research culture:
a.    Providing awareness of medical research (meetings, lectures, presentations, journal clubs, CPC);
b.    Conducting workshops, seminars and conferences;
c.    Consultation on and approval of research proposals;
d.    Ethical approval of research proposals
e.    Consultation on research publications.
f.    Overseeing quality assurance and improvement measures in respect of research activity, including the efficacy of research quality measures

    II.   Undergraduate research programs

a.    Initiating Undergraduate research teaching and training;
b.    Devising curriculum for undergraduate research
c.    Follow up on student research teaching/training in subsequent BDS years;
d.    Undergraduate research projects.

    III. Faculty research programs

a.    Organizing training sessions on research proposal development for faculty.
b.    Organising advanced research workshops for Faculty of RCD 
c.    Facilitating the faculty to attend the university programs in Research
d.    Utilizing existing database of RMI for research publications
e.    Identifying current research topics of national/international importance;
f.    Involving RMI/RCD faculty in ongoing research projects.

    IV. Postgraduate research

a.    Making a database of qualified postgraduate researchers;
b.    Developing research projects with PG researchers;
c.    Identifying sources of funding for projects;
d.    Providing training in specific high-level research.
e.    Budgetary allocation and recommendation for research projects

    V. Collaborative research programs
a.    Developing links with other research bodies at local, national & international level.
b.    Developing resources for research collaboration;
c.    Developing collaborative programs for researchers.
d.    Development of the medical research center to a degree awarding institute;
e.    Providing facilities and courses for M.Phil. and Ph.D. programs in all dentistry disciplines

    Vi. Journal of Rehman College of Dentistry (JRCD)

JRCD is an international, peer reviewed, open access journal for the dental community. JRCD supports scientific innovations, clinical and experimental research within dentistry and its related fields.
Our mission is to provide a scientific platform to national and international scholars for innovative research and advancement in dentistry. JRCD also encourages interdisciplinary research across multiple fields. 
JRCD provides rigorous peer review, enables rapid publication of cutting-edge research, and our aim is to become the leading national scientific forum of ideas, opinions, developments, and key issues in dentistry.