White Coat Ceremony: RCD Welcomes Future Leaders in Dentistry

White Coat Ceremony: RCD Welcomes Future Leaders in Dentistry

Rehman College of Dentistry (RCD) inaugurated its Class of 2027 in a grand ceremony attended by parents, faculty, and esteemed guests, including Prof. Dr. Mahmood Aurangzeb, Dean of Khyber Medical College. 

The event marked a new chapter for aspiring dentists, who received their white coats symbolizing their commitment to ethical practice and oral health advancement.

Dr. Anwar, a prominent guest, lauded RCD's exceptional standards and faculty, recognizing it as a leading private dental college in the region. Dr. Ghulam Rasool, Principal of RCD, reassured parents of their children's future, highlighting the college's unique integrated curriculum and research opportunities designed to prepare them as future leaders.

RCD's Pioneering Approach:
•    Established in 2017, RCD is the first college in Pakistan to implement an integrated curriculum, ensuring seamless learning and skill development.
•    Dr. Rasool emphasized the rigorous curriculum review process and hands-on training provided in RMI dental clinics with a constant flow of patients.
•    The college actively fosters research through internal and international conferences, benefiting not only RCD students but also the wider medical and allied health sciences community.

Dr. Mehmood Aurangzeb, Dean of Khyber Medical College, commended RMI's brand reputation in medical education, attributing its success to effective administration and experienced faculty. He encouraged students to balance academic pursuits with clinical training and research for well-rounded development.
This ceremony marked a significant milestone for RCD and its incoming class, promising a future of excellence in dental education and patient care.