RCD, Oral & Maxillofacial Department Hosts Seminar on "Medical Problems in Dentistry"

RCD, Oral & Maxillofacial Department Hosts Seminar on "Medical Problems in Dentistry"

Rehman College of Dentistry (RCD) in collaboration with the RMI Oral & Maxillofacial Department organized an informative seminar titled "Medical Problems in Dentistry and Basic Life Support" on March 2nd.

The seminar aimed to address the daily challenges faced by dental professionals in managing patients with various co-existing medical conditions. Renowned Oral & Maxillofacial Consultants from esteemed institutions led interactive sessions, providing valuable insights and practical knowledge to enhance patient care.

Key topics covered in the seminar included:

•    Management of Hypertensive Patients in Dentistry: Presented by Dr. Mehreen Nawaz, the session focused on effectively treating patients with high blood pressure in a dental setting.
•    Understanding Angina in Dental Patients: Led by Dr. Taj Ud Din, the session provided crucial information on managing patients experiencing angina pectoris during dental procedures.
•    Dental Care for Patients on Anticoagulants: Dr. Altaf Khan's session equipped participants with the knowledge and skills required to safely treat patients taking blood-thinning medications.
•    Diabetic Patients in Dentistry: Dr. Umar Ullah addressed the specific considerations and challenges involved in providing dental care to diabetic patients.
•    Managing Asthmatic Patients in Dental Settings: Dr. Salma Alam Afridi's session offered guidance on effectively treating patients with asthma while minimizing potential risks.
•    Dental Care for Patients with Hepatic Disorders: Dr. Fawad Qaim shed light on the crucial aspects of managing patients with liver problems in a dental environment.
•    Epilepsy and Dental Treatment: Dr. Atta ur Rehman's session provided valuable insights on ensuring patient safety and delivering optimal care to individuals with epilepsy.
•    Dental Management of Patients with Renal Disorders: Dr. Sanya Javed addressed the specific considerations and adaptations required when treating patients with kidney problems.
•    Adrenal Insufficiency and Dental Care: Dr. Khalid Shah's session offered guidance on managing patients with adrenal insufficiency in a dental setting.

The interactive format of the seminar encouraged active participation and facilitated a deeper understanding of the complex interplay between medical conditions and dental care. The valuable knowledge and skills gained by participants will undoubtedly contribute to improved patient care and safety in dental practices across the region.