ICHR-24: RMI’s three-day Int’l conference on health research concludes

ICHR-24: RMI’s three-day Int’l conference on health research concludes

The Rehman College of Dentistry (RCD) concluded the three-day International Conference on Health Research 2024 (ICHR-24) on 28 April, which was attended by hundreds of national and international researchers and health professionals. Chairman of the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Dr Mukhtar Ahmad was the special chief guest at the closing ceremony. Chairman RMI Prof. Muhammad Rehman, Principal Rehman Medical College, Dr Mukhtiar Zaman, Principal Rehman College of Dentistry Prof. Dr Ghulam Rasool, Prof. Dr Saeed Farooq from Keele University UK, Prof. Dr Jehan Bakht Vice Chancellor of Agriculture University Peshawar, and Dr Khalid Khan, along with numerous researchers and health professionals, participated in the concluding ceremony.

Chairman of the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad, emphasized the crucial role of health research conferences like ICHR24 in advancing healthcare systems, particularly when attracting a large number of participants nationwide. He acknowledged Pakistan's success in producing skilled clinicians and generating research publications, but stressed the critical need to translate this research into practical solutions for tackling Pakistan's healthcare challenges.

Dr. Ahmad highlighted Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's potential as a natural hub for collaboration due to its concentration of public and private universities alongside healthcare institutions. He urged these entities to work together in addressing the healthcare needs of the Pakistani people and transforming research into tangible solutions. He acknowledged a cultural shift where the public is increasingly demanding answers to pressing issues, necessitating preparedness from the healthcare sector.

The high participation at ICHR-22 was seen as a positive sign, demonstrating the growing commitment among professionals and students to advancing research and tackling healthcare challenges. Dr. Ahmad concluded by advocating for increased resource allocation to healthcare research, enabling Pakistan to contribute to the global community while overcoming its own healthcare challenges. The HEC chief also commended Prof. Dr Muhammad Rehman’s outstanding contributions to the field of medicine.

In his address, CEO RMI Shafique Ur Rehman said that RMI is setting new standards in research and innovation. He urged the need to tap into opportunities created by shortages of healthcare professionals globally by training a new generation of medical professionals, particularly focusing on the young population of the country. He said that RMI Education has completed all accreditation requirements and undergone a thorough inspection by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). But despite this, he said that the application for university status remains pending. He said that establishing this university is crucial to meet the massive demand for various master’s programs, Ph.D. programs, and other advanced healthcare studies. The HEC chairman also visited RMI’s state-of-the-art Precision Medicine Lab and Clinical Trials Unit (CTU).