Dr. Sami Salleh Khan

Prof. Dr. Sami Salleh Khan

Dr. Sami Salleh Khan is a professor and head of the Department of Community and Preventive Dentistry at Rehman College of Dentistry. He has over 18 years of experience in the field of oral health, and is passionate about promoting oral health awareness and prevention in the community. Dr. Khan has supervised over 15,000 free checkups and conducted awareness campaigns in the community, and has also given away free toothbrushes and toothpaste. He has trained postgraduate students who are now working in hospitals and health secretariats across the province.

Dr. Khan is a founding chief of the Rehman College of Dentistry Social Welfare Wing, and is also a member of the Kohatian Foundation and IM Volunteer. These organizations are actively working in the field of health, education, research, and relief in different areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the merged districts. Dr. Khan is a highly respected and experienced dentist who is committed to improving oral health in his community. He is a valuable asset to the Rehman College of Dentistry and to the field of dentistry as a whole.

Area of Expertise

Community & Preventive Dentistry & Dental Public Health

Research Interests

Mapping of the province regarding prevalence of dental caries, Prevalence of Dental pain, Impacts of dental pain on daily activities, Emotional intelligence and perceived stress in dental students, prevalence of tobacco use and its awareness and impacts on dental students, Dental Ethics. 
Survey on Oral Hygiene Habits and Knowledge of school teachers of Peshawar.
Prevalence of dental pain in previous one month in 11-13-year-old school going children in Peshawar Pakistan.


I have a special interests in organizing and moderating a series of successful international webinars. Starting from about the impact of COVID19 on dentistry and research, Implants, endodontic procedures and plenty of sessions being organized for career counselling for upcoming graduates of dentistry, apart from this now we are going to organize webinars for the awareness of general population regarding common dental diseases. The webinars have been attended by international participants. Emphasis is now on webinars as post covid19 era, this will be the way forward for quite a foreseeable future. So I believe that we need to invest our energy in this side as well, which is a very important aspect of training which should not be ignored. I have been lucky that my management has encouraged me and facilitated in such a way that its now a regular feature.


  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery (Baqai Medical University) 
  • Master of Public Health
  • M.Sc DPH (UK)
  • PhD 


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