Incorporating Bio Mechanical Versatility in Orthodontic Practice”

Workshop Titled “Incorporating Bio-Mechanical Versatility in Orthodontic Practice “on 5th March,2021 was arranged by Orthodontic Department, Rehman College Of Dentistry (RCD).
The workshop was mainly facilitated by Dr Sohaib Hassan (Multan medical and dental College), Prof. Dr Imran Tajik and ( Sardar Begum Dental College)and Prof. Dr Nasir Mushtaq (Rehman College of Dentistry).
 Almost 70 orthodontic residents  from Peshawar  across the country, attended the workshop.
The main objective of the workshop was to orient and teach the trainees about various  alternate routes to attain the desired results in their clinical cases. Also, they were given guidelines by the facilitators to plan their clinical cases by reflecting on all dimensions to achieve results efficiently with minimal adverse effects.
At the end of the session shields were distributed among the facilitators by Prof Dr Sohrab Shaheed , HOD Orthodontic department, Rehman College of Dentistry.