Aortopulmonary Window 

It is a congenital heart disorder and is usually associated with other heart abnormalities. It is rare heart defect, with only 1% cases among heart defects present by birth. In AP window there is a hole connecting the aorta which takes blood from heart to body and pulmonary artery which takes blood from heart to lungs.



During development of a baby when the pulmonary artery doesn’t divide completely. A hole between aorta and pulmonary artery (PA) is left even after birth. This causes rush of blood from aorta to PA which in turn increases the supply of blood to lungs. Due to excessive blood, the pressure in lungs increases (pulmonary hypertension) and eventual heart failure because the heart is unable to pump the blood efficiently.



•  Delayed growth
•  Rapid heartbeat
•  Respiratory infections



•  Chest X-ray
•  Cardiac MRI
•  Cardiac catheterization



Surgery patching up the AP window is its only solution.