Department of Pathology

Pathology is the study of disease through examination of organs, tissues, bodily fluids, and whole bodies (autopsies). General pathology is a broad scientific field which seeks to understand the mechanisms of injury to cells and tissues, as well as the body’s means of responding to and repairing injury. Areas of study include cellular adaptation to injury, necrosis, inflammation, wound healing and neoplasia. It forms the foundation of pathology, the application of this knowledge is to diagnose diseases in humans and animals too. It is the bridge between science and medicine. It play a critical role in research, advancing medicine and devising new treatments to fight viruses, infections and diseases like cancer.



General pathology and microbiology


Following are the references of articles published from our Department:


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Following manuscripts are pending:


  1. Frequency of Human papilloma virus in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma by immunohistochemistry
  2. Frequency of adenocarcinoma in patients undergoing gastric endoscopic biopsy. 
  3. Detection of IHC expression of CD 34 in Stroma of Malignant breast lesion. 
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